K2: Broad Peak

Product Details

Number of players: 1 - 5
Age: 8+
Playing time: 30 - 60 minutes
Designer: Adam Kałuża
BoardGameGeek: K2: Broad Peak
Version: English & Polish, American, French & Dutch, German

Download rules (English)


  • two-sided game board
  • 30 victory point tokens
  • 12 snow cave markers
  • 20 traverse tokens

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K2: Broad Peak

Broad Peak is the expansion to the game K2. Broad Peak gives you two very different challenges to undertake, which are based on historical achievement made by Polish mountaineers on Broad Peak in 1984. Both have their own boards and few rules changes to make them individual game experiences.


First one is “Race to the top” and is very quick and exciting game. This climbing is three days shorter, there are no tents and much less acclimatization cards in the deck. Also, there is less place to climbing, so it is much more tense and quicker version of K2 base game.


Second is “Traverse of Broad Peaks” and is more strategic and little longer then the base game. The board shows three tops of Broad Peak and mountaineers can get additional victory points for traverse all the mountain and for gaining every of the three peaks. It is very difficult to do all that things, especially that they have only one tent with them.


The expansion includes one two-sided board, tokens and rules, so K2 game is needed to play Broad Peak.